Reviewed: “Advice To All Adamawa Artists – Dej Pikado)”

First of all I will start it this way I go by the name Adapwa Kennedy N. aka “Dj Pikado” a multi-commercial minded individual, Adamawa, Nigeria.

Talent is a special gift bestowed on every human being depending on his/her ability or cleverness to transform it to a very useful means.
Skill is one’s own ability at doing something, as a result of constant (daily) practice.

It is saddened whenever I come around unexpected things that shouldn’t be a priority for an Upcoming Artist (s) but down here (Unnecessary beef, Pride, Ignorance, Disrespect, Finance and so on) are the major rules guiding (governing) the Industry. We all are after just one thing and thats “FAME” not yet for the Monetary aspect. We just have to be telling ourselves the truth if we really want to grow in the Industry, sometimes it hurts a lot dou we just have to bear it. Below I will talk on some of the major rules I earlier mentioned.

Unnecessary Beef: Adamawa State quiet sure is blessed with a lot of hided talents that am sure they can stand and compete with any other State in this Country. But thats not the case here rather many artists beef others simply because they are far better than them while others due to little misunderstanding or misinterpretation of information.

Pride: Many of the artists due to the generality or popularity in the State they forget that it is just the beginning of the journey so far but they see others as nothing compared to them which some of the unpopular ones maybe far better than them. Dear artist let that your becoming famous be a reason for under-rating others; help and treat one another as your own brother/sister.

Ignorance: It is a state of been controlled or influenced by others. Many don’t actually know where they belong only follow steps of others. Dear, focus on your creativity and don’t mine what others are doing just be yourself and do your things to the very best of that your ability.

Disrespect: Some artists (new artists) in particular after recording there first song or performing at a show for the first. After all the stuffs returning to there area (place of stay) they will start rising shoulders/even not talking to some of their friends and others because “am an artist now”. Even seeing other humans like they are nothing or hardly value people (greet/respect) others. Let the music stuff not deceive you dear artist because what you ignored/disrespect are even far better/wealthy than you can think of and you may not know who is who. The person you see next to you as nothing may be the reason for your blessing.

Finance: This specially goes to all artists talking about no free show (payment before performance or going for a show). “A man will never ever in his life start building a house from the roof to the foundation but rather most always start from the foundation to the roof”.

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